Creating Global Intelligence

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Discover the back story of the US intelligence community by exploring "Creating Global Intelligence: The Creation of the US Intelligence Community and Lessons for the 21st Century", a collection of declassified documents from the late 1940s to the early 1950s that ultimately led to the establishment of the CIA. This 800+ collection allows history to come to life as well as giving perspectives on the complex issues that senior US Government officials grappled with when considering how to establish an enduring national intelligence capability.

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Table of Contents

1940 | 1941 | 1942 | 1943 | 1944 | 1945

1946 - January
1946 - February
1946 - March
1946 - April
1946 - May
1946 - June
1946 - July
1946 - August
1946 - September
1946 - October
1946 - November
1946 - December

1947 - January
1947 - February
1947 - March
1947 - April
1947 - May
1947 - June
1947 - July
1947 - August
1947 - September
1947 - October
1947 - November
1947 - December

1948 | 1949 | 1950

1951 - January
1951 - February
1951 - March
1951 - April
1951 - May
1951 - June
1951 - July
1951 - August
1951 - September
1951 - October
1951 - November
1951 - December

1952 | 1953 | Undated

Document List


Presidential order establishing Office of Emergency Management


Executive Order 9001
Presidential order defining status and function of the Office for Emergency Management - 7 Jan 1941
Presidential order designating Coordinator of Information


Executive Order 9182
Military order OSS
Presidential order establishing OSS
Presidential order on the OSS


Executive order 9296
Executive order 9312
JCS memo to Director of Strategic Services
US Navy memo, attaché Turkey extracts


Donovan plan to establish Central Intelligence Authority
Draft executive order to establish central intelligence service
Letter to Donovan
Memo from Donovan to Truman - Nov 18
Memo from Donovan to Truman - Dec 26
Memo from Donovan, basis for permanent US foreign intelligence service
Public Law 358


Amendments to State Department Plan
Amendments to State Department plan copy a
Interview with Otto Reker
Letter from Donovan on establishing US central intelligence system, longer
Letter from Donovan on establishing US central intelligence system, shorter,
Letter from Secretary of Navy to Secretary of War
Letter from Truman to Donovan
Letter from Truman to Donovan, with précis,
Memo for Magruder
Memo for Secretary of War on CIA
Memo from Magruder on National Foreign Intelligence Agency
Memo on delegation of authority
Memo reconvening War Department's Intelligence Committee, longer
Memo reconvening War Department's Intelligence Committee, shorter
Report of Lovett Committee [longer],
Report of Lovett Committed [shorter]
Report to JCS on establishing Central Intelligence Service,
State Department plan for National Intelligence Authority,
Strategic Services Unit report to Lovett Committee,
War Department committee to study Fl problems,
War Dept Reply to Request for Correspondent in Korea

1946 - January

CIG 23, 01/03/1946
Department of State Radio Bulletin, No. 19
Joint proposal of Secretaries of State, War, and Navy for CIA
Letter to Secretaries of State, War, & Navy
Memo from Donovan on establishing NIA
NIA Directive No 1 with enclosure
Presidential directive [copy a]
Presidential directive [copy b]
Presidential directive [copy c]
Presidential directive [copy d]
Presidential directive [copy e]
Presidential directive [copy f]
Presidential directive [partial text and analysis]
Presidential directive [partial text]
Presidential directive [Truman's public papers]
Secretaries of State, War, & Navy propose CIA,
Transfer State Department Printing office
White House Order Directing State, War to Assign Personnel to DCI

1946 - February

CIG Directive No 1 Activities of the Strategic Services Unit
CIG Directive No 1 Polices and Procedures Governing CIG 8 Feb 1946
CIG Directive No 1 Survey of Activities of Strategic Services Unit
CIG Directive No 1 Survey of Foreign Broadcast Media
CIG lAB Meeting Minutes 4 Feb
CIG lAB Minutes 4-Feb
CIG Personnel Order No 1
NIA Directive 2 Org and Functions of CIG
NIA Directive No 1
NIA Directive No 1 Proposed Policies for CIG
NIA Directive No 2 Organization and Functions of CIG Copy
NIA Directive No 2 Organization and Functions of CIG
NIA Directive No 2 Proposed CIG Organization
NIA Meeting Minutes 8-Feb
NIA Meeting Minutes Copy 28 Feb
NIA minutes copy 29 5-Feb
NIA minutes copy 5 5-Feb
NIA proposed organization of central intelligence group,
Reciprocal Agreement with BBC

1946 - March

Background on Development of FBIS
China study,
CIG 2 Monitoring Foreign Press
CIG 2 NIA Views on Executive Order 13 Mar 1946
CIG 4 Survey of Coverage of Foreign Press
CIG Directive 10
CIG Directive No 2 Views on Proposed Exec Order
CIG Directive No 3 Collecting Foreign Intelligence Using Clandestine Methods
CIG Directive No 5 Collection of Intelligence on China
CIG Personnel Order No 2
Clark Clifford Note to DCI
DCI memo survey of collection in China
DCI memo survey of facilities for collecting Fl
Draft NIA Views on Exec Order
FBIS 18-Mar
lAB Meeting Agenda
NIA 3 Liquidation of Strategic Services Unit
NIA Comment on Exec Order Directing Cooperation on Foreign Intelligence
NIA Directive No 3, copy a
NIA Directive No 3, copy b
NIA directive on liquidating strategic services unit
NIA policy on liquidating strategic services unit,
Personnel and Budget Estimates of SSU
Personnel Procurement and exteral research program
Report on the International Control of Atomic Energy,
Status of CIG Projects, 18-Mar
Status of Projects, 25-Mar
Survey of the Function of Monitoring Press and Propaganda 29-Mar

1946 - April

Centralized Interdepartmental Dissemination,
CIG 1-1 Monitoring of Press and Propaganda,
CIG 1 Monitoring foreign Press,
CIG Directive 6
CIG Directive No 7 Survey of Joint Intelligence Study Publication Board
CIG lAB Minutes 3 April
CIG Personnel Order No 3
CIG Policy on Clearance of CIG Personnel
DCI Letter to President on FBI Funds for Overseas Reps
DCI Memo to President on Foreign FBI Representation
FBI to CIG Turnover of Central and South America Operations
FBIS 10 Apr
Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service
HR 6066
Memo for Director, SSU
Memo for NIA Secretary on Monitoring Foreign Broadcasts
Memo from Chief Planning Staff on FBIS
Memo on liquidating SSU
Memo on SSU teams in China
Move FBIS Station from OR to CA 12-Apr
Naval message on inactivation of SSU teams in China
NIA 3rd meeting
NIA Directive No 4, copy 40
NIA Directive No 4 Liquidation of Special Services Unit
NIA minutes, 2-Apr
NIA Views on Proposed Executive Order
NYT chart on plan to unify US armed forces
Policy on Clearance of Presonnel
Receipt of NIA Directive 4, 4-Apr
Receipt of NIA Directive 4, 9-Apr
Receipt of NIA Directive 4, 16-Apr
Receipt Records for NIA Directive No 3
S 2044, 9-Apr
Secretary of NIA Note to DCI,
State Department response to questions of atomic material
State Dept Intelligence Appropriation,
Status of CIG Projects, 15-Apr
Status of CIG Projects, 22-Apr
Status of CIG Projects, 29-Apr
Status of projects, 8-Apr

1946 - May

AdmiraI Nimitz Statement to House of Reps
Central Planning Staff
CIG 1 8 May 1946
CIG 7-1 Clearance of CIG Personnel
CIG 9 Acquisition of Foreign Publications,
CIG Directive No 10 Index of US Residents' Foreign Intelligence Information
CIG Directive 7-1 Policy on Clearance of CIG Personnel
CIG Directive No 1-2 Monitoring Press and Propaganda of Foreign Powers
CIG Directive No 2 Monitoring Press and Propaganda Broadcasts
CIG Directive No 8 Clearance of CIG Personnel
CIG Directive No 9 Development of Intelligence on USSR
CIG Directive No 9 Development of Intelligence on USSR
CIG lAB Minutes 9-May
CIG Personnel Order No 4
DCI Response to CIG Directive Draft on FBIS
Memorandum for Secretary National Intelligence Authority - foreign Press
Status of CIG Projects, 20-May
Status of CIG Projects, 27-May
Status of Projects, 6-May
Status of Projects, 14-May
Survey of the Function of Monitoring Press and Propaganda 10-May

1946 - June

CIG Directive 12
CIG Directive No 1-3 Monitoring Foreign Broadcasts and Press
CIG Directive No 11 Survey of Exploitation of American Businesses
CIG Directive No 12 Adequacy of Intelligence Facilities
CIG lAB Meeting Minutes
CIG IAG Minutes 10 Jun
Comments on CIG Directive No 10
Correction to CIG 10
Coverage of Foreign Language Press in US
FBI Letter to DCI Objecting to Portion of Functions of CIG Directive
Memo for Vandenberg on letter from Hoover
NIA Directive No 4 Functions of the DCI c5
NIA Directive No 4 Functions of the DCI c29
Patterson to Admiral Souers
Presidential letter to Congressional committees
Progress Report on CIG 7-Jun
Status of CIG Projects, 3-Jun
Status of CIG Projects, 10-Jun
Status of CIG Projects, 17-Jun
Status of CIG Projects, 24-Jun
Yates letter to Secretary of War

1946 - July

CIG 11 Coverage of Foreign langauge Press
CIG 11 Coverage of Foreign Press in the US
CIG 12 Exploitation of American Business
CIG 13 foreign press
CIG 14 Reorganization of Central Intelligence Group
CIG Directive No 11 Coverage of Foreign Language Press
CIG Directive No 13 Coverage of Foreign Language Press
CIG Directive No 14 Reorganization of CIG
CIG Personnel Order No 5
Directive from Special Counsel to the President to Prepare Estimates on USSR
George Elliot to Vandenburg
Hoover acknowledgement of Vandenberg Letter re Central & South America
Hoover acknowledgement of Vandenberg Letter re Central & South America, copy
Letter to Treasury to Establish Working Fund
MA S function of director
memo to Edgar - handwritten
Memo to the Director, Central Intelligence Group
NIA 4-1 Functions of the DCI
NIA 4th Meeting
NIA 4th Meeting copy
NIA 5 8-Jul
NIA 5 8-Jul b
NIA 5 Approval
NIA 5 Acquisition of Foreign press
NIA 5 b 8-Jul
NIA 5 Coordinating Acquisition of Foreign Pubs
NIA 5 function of director
NIA 6 Acquisition of Foreign Publications
NIA Directive No 5
NIA Directive No 6
NIA Letter to Treasury Requesting Transfer of Funds
NIA Meeting Minutes 17-Jul
Note from Mr Edgar on Centralization of Foreign reporting
Peurifoy to Lay
Request to Treasury for Central Intelligence Funding,
Status of CIG Projects, 1-Jul
Status of CIG Projects, 8-Jul
Status of CIG Projects, 15-Jul
Status of CIG Projects, 19-Jul
Vandenberg to Donovan
Vandenberg to Hoover Letter
White House Memo to Gen. Vandenberg

1946 - August

Admiral Leahy Transfer of Foreign Intell Branch Resources to CIG,
Care and Custody of Classification Sheets,
CIG 12-1 Exploitation of American Business Concerns,
CIG 12-2 Exploitation of American Business
CIG lAB Minutes 26-August
Comment on NIA Directive No 6
Coordination on Draft NIA Directive Related to Atomic Energy Intelligence
DCI Memo on Soviet Preparedness for War
Delegation of Authority to Use of Special Fund
Delegation of Authority to Use of Special Fund Copy
Delegation of Special Working Fund Authority
Disclosure of Military Information to Foreign
Displeasure of Military information to Foreign governments
Duplicate DCI memo on Soviet Preparedness for War
ICAPS Comment on Interdepartmental Coordination
ICAPS Memo on Liaison Issues
ICAPS Request for Reports on Interdepartmental Coordination
Interdepartmental Liaison and coordination
Letter from Comptroller on Audit Procedures
Letter from Comptroller on Procedure for Auditing Payments
Letter from Comptroller on Process for Audits of CIG Payments
Letter from Comptroller Re CIG Disbursement procedures
Letter from the comptroller
Letter to Attorney General
Letter to US Civil Service Commission
Liaison Procedure with ONI
Liaison State Department 12-Aug
Liaison State Department 13-Aug
Liaison with G-2
Liaison with Research Divisions of State Dept.
Liaison with State Department Research Divisions
Memo for DCI on intelligence at Pearl Harbor
Memo for ICAPS on Interdepartmental Coordination
Memo on coordination of intelligence activities
Memo on liaison procedure with G-2
Message From President to DCI
Message to DCI
Message to DCI from EXDIR
NIA 5th Meeting
NIA 6 Coordination of Intelligence Activities Related to Foreign Atomic Energy
NIA Directive No 6 Foreign Atomic Energy Issues
NIA Meeting Minutes 7-Aug
NIA minutes copy 5 21-Aug
NIA minutes copy 19
Office of Dissemination Memo on Interdepartmental Liaison
Office of Research and Evaluation Memo on Interdepartmental Liaison
Report on Interdepartmental Coordination,
Report to Fleet Admiral Leahy,
Special Operation Memo on Liaison,
Special Operations Memo on Interdepartmental Liaison,
Special Working fund
US Civil Service Commission Letter on CIG Classification
US Civil Service Commission Letter on Classification ton Sheets
Western Hemispheres Branch Memo on Interdepartmental Liaison

1946 - September

Actions Taken by ICAPS,
British Radio Equipment manufactures
British Request for FBIS Material
CIG Authorities
CIG Directive No 13 Assignment to CIG of Static Intelligence Functions
CIG Directive No 14 War Plans for CIG
CIG Directive No 15 Establishment of CIG-JCS Channel
CIG Liaison 4 Sep 1946
CIG Liaison 4 Sep 1946 a
CIG Liaison 25 Sept
DCI Authorities
DCI Letter to FBI on Applicant Security Investigations
DCI memo to President on Soviet Military
Designation of FBI Liaison to CIG
Establishment of Working Fund
FBI Letter Designating CIG Liaison
FBIS and BBC Monitoring
Foreign National Branch 9 3 pages
Foreign National Branch
Foreign Nationals Branch
Future Relationship Between FBIS and BBC, 13-Sep
Future Relationship FBIS and BBC, 30-Sep
Letter from GAO
Letter to Wright from Shepard - request of British org for FBIS info
Liaison between ONI & ORE
Liaison between ONI and CIG
Liaison between ONI and ORE 5 Sept
List of Contacts on Collection Issues
Memo for the President 18-Sept
Memo on Life Magazine Article
Memo to Wright on FOIS and SOC
NIA Meeting Minutes 25-Sept
NIA Meeting Minutes a 25-Sept
Operations no 1
Procedures for Securing COG Message Traffic
Sands memo FBIS,
Sheperd to Wright
Status of NIA and lAB Papers,
Transfer of WDC,
War Dept Letter on Working Funds
Washington Document Center 23-Sep
William Donovan Remarks
Working Fund
Wright MFR

1946 - October

Allotment of Military Personnel to Washington Document Center,
Biographical Intelligence,
British Radio Equipment Manufacturers Association Request
CIG 16 Intelligence Estimates Prepared by CIG
CIG 17 Biographic Intelligence
CIG Directive No 15 Exploitation of American Business Concerns and Scientific Ed and Religious Orgs
CIG Directive No 16 Intelligence Estimates Prepared by CIG
CIG Directive No 23 Establishment of Projects Review Committee
CIG lAB Meeting Agenda 1-Oct
CIG lAB Meeting Agenda 31-Oct
CIG Special Funds Regulation No 1
Continuation of Washington Document Center
Distribution of FBIS daily to the Press - 14 Oct
Eddy to Vandenderg - 210Oct 1946
FBIS relationship British Radio Equipment
Foreign Nationalities Branch
Functions of Office for Special Operations
Functions of Office of Special Operations
Functions of the State-Army-Navy Coordinating Committee
Future relations FBIS BBC and British Radio
IAB Meeting, 31-Oct
Joint R&D Board Rules of Organization and Procedure
Letter from Treasury on Disbursing CIG Funds
Library of Congress Loan Privilege
List of Intelligence Estimates Prepared by CIG
LOC loan privileges
Memo for the President 30-Oct
Military Transfer of Washington Document Center to CIG
NIA Meeting Minutes 16-Oct
Office of Special Operations Functions
Operation MISTY
Operations Memo No 2
Partial Document on Authority to Remove Personnel
Proposal to Transfer Library Functions to CIG
Reserve Intelligence Organizations, Chapters, and Association s
Responsibilities of the Department of State in the reporting and collecting of Information and Intelligence,
Review of Transfer of WDC,
Summary of Activities, 22-Oct
Supplies and Equipment for Central Intelligence Group,
Transfer of Washington Document Center,
Transmission of material to other agencies 18-Oct
Transmission of material to other agencies b 18-Oct
Treasury Letter Designating Finance Officials,
Washington Document Center 1-Oct
Washington Document Center 8-Oct
Washington Document center 10-Oct
Washington Document center 11-Oct
Washington Document Center 28-Oct
Washington Document Center - Transfer

1946 - November

Asst Dir for Collection and Dissemination Comments on Liaison Plan,
Centralized Reporting of Foreign Press,
CIG 20 Production of Pol-Psych Study on USSR
CIG Directive No 13-1 Assignment of Static Field Intelligence to CIG
CIG Directive No 16
CIG Directive No 16 Biographic Intelligence
CIG Directive No 21 Exploitation of Enemy Document Repositories
CIG lAB Meeting Agenda 26-Nov
CIG lAB Meeting Agenda 7-Nov
CIG Preparations to Inherit DC
CIG Routing Slip
Comment on Suggestions to Legislation Creating CIG
Creation of Study Group for Exploitation of Foreign Media
Designation of Liaison Reps
Disposition of the WDC
Distribution of FBIS daily to the Press - 14 Nov
Eddy to Vandenberg 4 Nov 1946
IAB Minutes, 26-Nov
Interdepartmental Liaison 11-Nov
Letter from military attachÉ London to Vandenberg
Liaison and Interchange of Information
Liaison requirements
Meeting in ORE processing foreign media
Meeting on Processing Foreign Broadcasts and Press
Memorandum for Captain Watts 26
Operations Memorandum no 2
ORE Liaison with the Office ACAS-2
Patterson to Vandenberg
Procedures to Disseminate Information to FBI
Processing of Foreign Broadcast and Press
Production of Political Psychological study on USSR
Recommendation for Conference on CIG Liaison
Recommended Conference,
Response to Mr. Edgar Letter on Processing Foreign Broadcast Information,
Responsibility for German and Special Documents Section,
Static Intelligence to CIG,
Transfer of USD Printing Plant to CIG,
Transfer of Washington Document Center to CIG,
Transfer of WDC to CIG,
Treatment of Special Funds Overseas,
Treatment of Special Overseas Funds,
Use of Military Facilities' to Support FBIS Activities
War Dept MFR on Administrative Handling of FBIS
Washington Document Center 27-Nov
Washington Document Center 14-Nov
Washington Document Center Wright
Wright to Eddy
Wright to Eddy 2

1946 - December

Appointment of CIG Chief Disbursing Officer
Basis for Handling Program of Joint Interest
Budget Bureau Letter on CIG Request for FY1948 Funding,
Budget Bureau Letter on DCI Budget Request for FY1948,
CIG Directive No 17 Relationship Between CIG and the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee
CIG Directive No 18-3 Coordination of Collection
CIG Directive No 22 Coordination of Intell on Foreign Industilal Establishments
CIG IAB Minutes 17 Dec
CIG Special Funds Reg
CIG Special Funds Regulation No 1-A
Commendation for Ambassador Willison
Control and function of the Washington Document, 31-Dec Center
Control and Function of Washington Document Center, 17-Dec
DCI Vandenberg Lecture at Air War College
Exec Order Transferring Property and Personnel to Atomic Energy Commission
Executive Order 9001 (continued)
FBIS Request for Office Space
ICAPS Meeting Minutes
Intelligence for Use by Army-Navy Board 3-Dec
Intelligence for Use by Army-Navy Board 4-Dec
Intelligence for use on the Army-Navy Munition Board.
Interdepartmental and coordination Planning Staff
Interdepartmental Liaison 3-Dec
Interdepartmental Liaison, copy 3-Dec
Liaison Pertaining to CIG Strategic Intelligence
Memo on Commendation for Performance
Move FBIS station to CA from Oregon, Approval 9-Dec
NIA 7 Psychological Warfare
NIA Directive No 7 Psychological Warfare
ORE Postion on FBIS material
Policies for Washington Documentation Center
Proposed NIA Meeting
Provision for Coverage of Foreign Broadcasts
Provision for Monitoring of Foreign Press
Psychological Warfare
Receipts for NIA Directive No 6
Reply from Budget Bureau to CIG Fl 1948 Budget Request,
Requirements and Controls Related to Documents Released by the Washington Documentation Center,
Special Fund Regulation,
Table of Organization Washington document center,
Tentative Organization of WDC,
War Dept Letter on Transfer of Foreign Intelligence Unit
Webb to Vandenberg

1947 - January

A bill content of NIA 1947
CIG Cooperation on Scientific Intelligence
CIG Directive No 18
CIG Letter to FBI on Applicant Investigations
CIG operations memo 6
Comments on Proposed National Defense Act
Conference of Army Representatives
Conference of Army Reps Joint Research and Development Board
Coordinated Exploitation of Enemy Document Repositories
Coordination of Collection Activities
Cost of National Security Act of 1947
Daily summary of foreign Radio Broadcast
DCI Input for State of the Union Address
DCI Letter to FBI on CIG Applicant Investigations 20
Draft of National Defense Act
Draft Section 302 National Defense Act ,received from White House
Exploitation of Enemy Documents
Extract Duties of the CIA
Extract Duties of the CIA II
Extract of Section 102
ICAPS Meeting Minutes
Initial report of Atomic Energy Commission
Liaison contacts CIG with lAB
Liaison on Civil Air Matters
Liaison Civil and Military Air Matters
Material proposed by DCI for inclusion in State of the Union in Jan.
Memo for Clifford, comments on National Defense Act
Memo for DCI on lAB papers
Memo from DCI to Clifford
Memo from DCI to Clifford, cover memo only
Memo on draft Section 302, National Defense Act
Memo on paragraph added to National Defense Act
Memo on proposed bill for National Defense Act,
Memo on proposed exploitation of enemy documents
Memo on proposed legislation for CIG
Memo to Norstad on draft of National Defense Act,
Memo to Sherman on draft of National Defense Act
Memos on Position of Deputy DCI
NIA 7 Coordination Collection
NIA Directive No 7 Coordination of Collection Activities
NYT, Texts of Merger Letters and Order,
Organizational Chart National Security Act 1947
President to Murphy - extract of letter
Proposed CIG legislation
Receipt Copes for NIA Directive No 7
Vandenberg Testimony SACS
Wright to Murphy

1947 - February

Availability of Captured Japanese Technology to American Industry
CIG-State Relations
Draft letter from Truman on National Security Act
Establishment of Special Reports Division in FBIS
Letter from reserve officers association
Memo for Edgar regarding establishment of CIA
Memo for Wright
Memo from Office of CNO to DCI on enabling legislation for CIG
Memo from Vandenberg
NIA Directive No 8
NIA Directive No 8 National Intelligence Requirements on China
NIA Meeting Minutes 12-Feb
NIA Minutes 18-Feb
President's proposed draft of National Security Act of
Proposed Committee Report on Exploitation of Enemy Documents
Receipt Records for NIA Directive No 5
Receipts of NIA Directive No 8, Feb and Mar 1947
Reciprocal Agreement with BBC 13 Feb 194
Reciprocal agreement with BBC 13 Feb 1947
Transfer of German Document Section,

1947 - March

Bill S738,
CIG 24 Action by the Intelligence Advisory Board
CIG operations memo 3, amendment 1, 20 Mar 1947
Congressional Record vol 93 no 49
Cover page, SASC hearings on S 758
DCI Authorities Related to Travel
Draft 1 testimony of DCI to SASC
Draft bill to establish national intelligence authority and CIA
Exploitation of Enemy Document Repositories
Forrestal Testimony SAFC
German Military Document Section
ICAPS Memo on Liaison Relationships
Meeting of DC Chapter of Reserve Officer Association,
Memo from Vandenberg on delegations of authority,
Memo from Wright
Memo on Allen Dulles' comments on proposed CIG enabling act
Memo on merger bill hearing 25-Mar
Memo on merger bill hearings 27 May
Memo on references to CIG activities
Memo on testimony at merger bill hearings
Memos on CIG enabling act
Navy Comments on CIG Enabling Legislation
Passport control State Department
Patterson comment on Defense Establishment
Relay of letter from Turkey's naval attachÉ,
Routing slip, 01-Mar
S 758,
Safeguarding information in communications,
Safeguarding Information on CIG in Communications,
SASC hearing Nimitz,
Scientific Intelligence,
Testimony by Symington,
Testimony merger Bill Hearings,

1947 - April

British request for foreign press products,
CIA Enabling Legislation
CIG 21-1 Exploitation of Enemy Document Repositories
CIG 21-1 Exploitation of Enemy Repositories
CIG operations memo 7
Colonel Behn ITT from Hillenkoetter
Director testimony SASC
Draft 2 testimony of DCI
Draft bill to establish CIA
Excerpt of SASC hearing on National Security Act
General Vandenberg Testimony
Hillenkoetter directing him to be director
Hillenkoetter to Leonard Jacob
IAB 1 Coordination of Intelligence Producation
IAB 1, 18 Apr
IAB 1, 21 Apr
Kenneth Royall Statement to Senate Committee
Letter from Comptroller on Auditing of Payments
Liaison contacts CIG with State
Memo and Briggs' response
Memo for DCI on psychological warfare
Memo for lAB secretary
Memo from DCI to Chief, ONI
Memo on no action taken
Memo on Norstad testimony
Memo on transfer of personnel
Memo to DCI
Memo to DCI on Senate appearance
Memorandum for the record Earman
Memos on central interdepartmental dissemination
NIA 7-1
NIA Directive No 9
NIA Directive No 9 Atomic Energy Intelligence
Press release cover sheet Vandenberg 30-Apr
Projects Audit of Special Funds
Proposed NIA directive,
Receipt Records for NIA Directives 1 and 2
Reply to Private Individual Request for Foreign Broadcast Information,
Robert Patterson SEC WAR,

Statement of Kenney to SASC, Sand
Statement of Sherman to SASC, Land
Statement of Vandegrift to SASC on National Defense Act,
Subject NIA no 6,
SWNCC decision,
Testimony Vandenberg,
Truman Letter Appointing Hillenkoetter as DCI,
Truman to General Vandenberg from
Truman to Hillenkoetter
Unidentified Personnel Assessment
Vandenberg lecture at National War College
Vandenberg Statement
Vandenberg Testimony
Vandenberg to Clare Hoffman
VP of ITT Corp to Hillenkoetter

1947 - May

CIG 24 Alternative Proposal
CIG lAB Meeting Agenda 15-May
CIG lAB Minutes Correction
Classification of CIG
Copy of Status of Projects 14-May
IAB 1 receipts
IAB 2 Amendment of Definition of Strategic and National Policy Intell
Memos on Clearing DCI's statement to SASC
MFR on House Committee on Expenditure
MFR Pforzheimer
Navy Dept MFR on CIG Sponsorship 29 May
NIA 7 receipts
Press release cover sheet Vandenberg 1-May
Psychological Warfare
Status of Projects, 14-May
USD Letter on CIG Detailee Travel
War Dept MFR on German Military Document Section

1947 - June

IAB 3 Reserve Officers as Agents
Letter from Office of President Setting Standard Work Hours
NIA meeting 26-Jun

1947 - July

CIG IAB Meeting Agenda 17-Jul
CIG lAB Meeting Agenda 31-Jul
Coordination of Intelligence Production
lAB Meeting Agenda 17-Jul
NIA Directive No 10 Reserve Officers Used as Agents
NIA Letter to Comptroller on CIG Funds
President Directing DCI to report on USSR

1947 - August

CIG Action by lAB
CIG 8-2 Development of Intelligence on USSR
Liaison Procedures with ONI
Receipt Records for NIA Directive No 1
Receipt Records for NIA Directive No 2
Receipt Records for NIA Directive No 1 and 2

1947 - September

CIG lAB Minutes 11-Sept
IAB 1-2 Coordination of Intelligence Production
IAB 5 Appointment of Scientific Attaches
List of contact in Member departments on Collection
NIA Directive No 11
NIA Directive No 11 Action by lAB

1947 - October

DCID 1-1 Espionage and Counterespionage Operations
DCID 1-2 Atomic Energy Intelligence
DCID 1-3 Foreign Wireless and Radio Monitoring
DCID 1-4 Research and Development Board
DCID 1-5 Foreign Document Exploitation

1947 - November

Memo Explaining Replacement of Old NSCIDs
Minutes of the Meeting

1947 - December

Minutes of the meeting Project Review committee
NSC Memo on Transmitting Proposed NSCIDs
NSCID No 1 Duties and Responsibilities
NSCID No 2 Coordination of Intelligence Activities Abroad
NSCID No 3 Coordination of Intelligence Production
NSCID No 4 National Intelligence Objectives
NSCID No 5 Espionage and Counterespionage Operations
NSCID No 6 Foreign Wireless and Radio Monitoring


CIG Budget FY 1948
DCID 2-1 Coordination of Collection Plan
DCID 3-2 Policy on Interdepartmental Approval of National Intelligence Estimates
DCID 4-1 National Intelligence Objectives
IAC Minutes - 16 June
IAC Minutes - 17 Dec
IAC Minutes - 3 Dec
Memo on CIG FY 1948 Budget
NSCID No 7 Domestic Exploiation
NSCID No 8 Biographical Reporting on Foreign S&T Officials
War Dept Memo On Submission of FY 1948 Budget


NSCID No 10 Collection of Foreign S&T Data
Scientific Intelligence Committee Working Groups,


Briefing of Service Attaches by CIA
Conference with USG Official Returning
DCID 4-2 Priority List of National Intelligence Objective
DCID 14-1 Interagency Defector Committee
IAC Minutes 2 Dec
IAC Minutes 2 Nov
IAC Minutes 7 Dec
IAC Minutes 9 Nov
IAC minutes 11 Dec

IAC Minutes 11 Nov

IAC Minutes 16 Nov

IAC Minutes 20 Oct
IAC Minutes 21-Dec
IAC Minutes 22-Jan
IAC Minutes 26-Oct
IAC Minutes 28-Dec
IAC Minutes 30-Nov
Interagency Operating Procedure
NSCID No 11 Security of Sources and Methods
NSCID No 12 Avoidance of Publicity
NSCID No 13 Exploitation of Soviet Defectors
NSCID No 14 Exploitation of Defectors and Other Aliens Within the US

1951 - January

IAC Minutes 4-Jan
IAC Minutes 8- Jan
IAC Minutes 15-Jan
IAC Minutes 18-Jan
IAC Minutes 25-Jan

1951 - February

IAC Minutes 8-Feb
IAC Minutes 15-Feb
IAC Minutes 23 Feb

1951 - March

IAC Minutes 5-Mar
IAC Minutes 15-Mar

1951 - April

IAC Minutes 2 Apr
IAC Minutes 5 Apr
IAC Minutes 12 Apr
IAC Minutes 23-Apr
IAC Minutes 26-Apr

1951 - May

IAC Minutes 3 May
IAC Minutes 10 May
IAC Minutes 17-May
IAC Minutes 18-May

1951 - June

IAC Minutes 14 June
NSCID No 15 Coordination and Production of Foreign Economic Intelligence

1951 - July

IAC Minutes 5 Jul
IAC Minutes 19-Jul
IAC Minutes 26-Jul
IAC Minutes 30-Jul

1951 - August

IAC Minutes 2 Aug
IAC Minutes 9 Aug
IAC Minutes 13 Aug
IAC Minutes 16 Aug
IAC Minutes 23-Aug
IAC Minutes 30-Aug

1951 - September

IAC Minutes 10 Sep
IAC Minutes 20-Sep
IAC Minutes 27-Sep

1951 - October

IAC Minutes 4 Oct
IAC Minutes 11 Oct
IAC Minutes 18-Oct

1951 - November

IAC Minutes 1 Nov
IAC Minutes 15 Nov
IAC Minutes 29-Nov

1951 - December

IAC Minutes 14 Dec
IAC Minutes 15 Dec
IAC Minutes 20 Dec


DCID 3-4 Production of Scientific and Technical Intelligence
IAC Foreign Intelligence Program 9 Aug
IAC Foreign Intelligence Program 15 Aug
IAC Foreign Intelligence Program 28 Jul


IAC Foreign Intelligence Program 6 Feb
IAC Foreign Intelligence Program 13 Jan
IAC Foreign Intelligence Program 27 Jan
Index of NSCIDs and DCIDs During 1948-1952


A bill for the establishment of NIA and CIA,

Central Intelligence Group,
CIG Directive No 16 Coordination of Biographic Intelligence
CIG Directives Index
CIG Interoffice Routing Slip
CIG Memoranda Index
CIG Routing Slip
CIHNCAFPAC FBIS request for space
Comparison of provisions in CIA bill and president's letter
Coordinating Intelligence Related to Foreign Industrial Establishments \
Copy of Draft Bill Establishing NIA and CIA

DCID 3-2 Policy on Interdepartmental Approval of National Intelligence Estimates 13 5
DCID3-1 SOP for Producing National Intelligence
Draft Appropriations Authorities
Draft Functions of DCI
Draft monitoring foreign Press
Draft of Bill Establishing NIA and CIA
Draft of National Defense Act
Draft Organization Chart

Establishment of Central Repository for Enemy Documents
FBIS organization
Function of monitoring press and propaganda of foreign press
Future Relations between FBIS and BBC monitoring
General Spaatz testimony National Security Act

Index of Administrative Authorities of CIG
Index of CIG Administrative Orders
Index of CIG Directives
Index of CIG Memoranda
Index of CIG's basic administrative authorities
Index of NIA Directives
Index of NIA Papers
JRDB 49-2
Justification for Creating Central Intelligence Organization
Katz's criticism of State Department plan

Liaison between OR &Far East Commission
Liaison between ORE & State Dept.
Liaison relations between ORE and War Department
List and Summary of NSCIDs
List of documents
Memo from Wright
Memo on liaison with Far Eastern Commission
Memo on liaison with War Department
Memo on proposed legislation for CIG
Memo to George Kennan on Dulles-Jackson-Correa Committee
Monitoring foreign press

National CIG Organization Chart
National Security Act of 1947
NIA 6 Coordinating the Acquisition of Foreign Press
NIA Authorityeww
Notes for Roundtable Discussion on Coordinating Agency Activities
Office of Special Operation Routing Slip
Organizational chart showing POTUS, NSC, DOD, and NSRB,
Outlines of Titles II, III, & IV, plus hand-written comments,
Paragraph mentioning DCI's authority to hire and fire,
Proposed Legislation for CIG

Remarks to Congress,
Statement before SASC Admiral Swanson,
Statement of Vandegrift to SASC on National Defense Act,
Unspecified table of contents,
War Secretary Comments on NIA Directive No 5