Bosnia, Intelligence, and the Clinton Presidency

Bosnia, Intelligence, and the Clinton Presidency: The Role of Intelligence and Political Leadership in Ending the Bosnian War

This collection consists of more than 300 declassified documents related to the Director of Central Intelligence Interagency Balkan Task Force (BTF) and the role of intelligence in supporting policymaking during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War. The compilation contains Statements of Conclusions from National Security Council meetings where senior officials made decisions on the Bosnian conflict, BTF memoranda pertaining to those meetings, key intelligence assessments, and selected materials from the State Department, White House, Department of Defense, and William J. Clinton Presidential Library. The records center around 1995, the year in which the Dayton Accords ending the Bosnian War were signed.


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Documents in this Collection

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1993-02-10 - CIA Post-Meeting MFR on 9 FEB 1993 Deputies Committee Meeting on Bosnia 10-Feb-93

Document Number: 5235e80c993294098d5174e1


1993-02-19a - CIA Post-Meeting MFR on 19 FEB 1993 Principals Committee Meeting on Airdrops in Bosnia 19-Feb-93

Document Number: 5235e80c993294098d51748f


1993-02-19b - Memo, Chief BTF to National Security Council Senior Director For Europe, SUBJ: Reactions To Secretary Christopher's 10 FEB Announcement of US Policy Toward the Former Yugoslavia, February 19, 1993

Document Number: 523c39e5993294098d517653


1993-02-19c - Memo, Anthony Lake to President Clinton, SUBJ: Presidential Decision on Humanitarian Air Drops for Bosnia, February 19, 1993

Document Number: 523c39e5993294098d51765b


1993-02-22 - CIA Post-Meeting MFR on 22 FEB 1993 Deputies Committee Meeting on The Former Yugoslavia 22-Feb-93

Document Number: 5235e80d993294098d5174e2


1993-03-01 - CIA Post-Meeting MFR on 26 FEB 1993 Deputies Committee Video Conference on The Former Yugoslavia 01-Mar-93

Document Number: 5235e80d993294098d517553


1993-03-09 - CIA Post-Meeting MFR on 4 MAR 1993 Deputies Committee Video Conference on Bosnia 09-Mar-93

Document Number: 5235e80d993294098d5174e6


1993-03-10 - CIA Post-Meeting MFR on 9 MAR 1993 Deputies Committee Meeting on Bosnia 10-Mar-93

Document Number: 5235e80c993294098d51748d


1993-03-23a - BTF Assessment: Evaluation of Revised OSD Paper on Lifting Siege of Sarajevo 23-Mar-93

Document Number: 5235e80c993294098d51748b


1993-03-23b - BTF Assessment: Serb War Aims 23-Mar-93

Document Number: 5235e80c993294098d517491