Bosnia, Intelligence, and the Clinton Presidency

Bosnia, Intelligence, and the Clinton Presidency: The Role of Intelligence and Political Leadership in Ending the Bosnian War

This collection consists of more than 300 declassified documents related to the Director of Central Intelligence Interagency Balkan Task Force (BTF) and the role of intelligence in supporting policymaking during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War. The compilation contains Statements of Conclusions from National Security Council meetings where senior officials made decisions on the Bosnian conflict, BTF memoranda pertaining to those meetings, key intelligence assessments, and selected materials from the State Department, White House, Department of Defense, and William J. Clinton Presidential Library. The records center around 1995, the year in which the Dayton Accords ending the Bosnian War were signed.


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Documents in this Collection

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1990-10-01 - National Intelligence Estimate 15-90: Yugoslavia Transformed 1990-10-01.pdf

Document Number: 5235e80c993294098d5174dd


1991-03-01 - CIA Directorate of Intelligence Memorandum: Yugoslavia Military Dynamics of A Potential Civil War 1991-03-01

Document Number: 5235e80d993294098d517528


1991-12-19 - CIA Directorate of Intelligence Memorandum: Bosnia-Herzegovina on The Edge of The Abyss 19-Dec-91

Document Number: 5235e80c993294098d5174d7


1992-01-15 - CIA Assessment: Implications of US Posture on Recognition of Former Yugoslav Republics 15-Jan-92

Document Number: 5235e80d993294098d517509


1992-04-01 - National Intelligence Estimate 29/15-92: A Broadening Balkan Crisis: Can It Be Managed? 01-Apr-92

Document Number: 5235e80d993294098d517508


1992-06-12 - CIA Memo Establishing The Interagency Balkan Task Force 12-Jun-92

Document Number: 5235e80c993294098d5174cf


1992-08-10 - BTF Assessment: European Views on The Use of Force In Bosnia And Herzegovina 10-Aug-92

Document Number: 5235e80d993294098d51757e


1992-08-19 - BTF Assessment: The Humanitarian Situation In Bosnia: Problems and Outlook 19-Aug-92

Document Number: 5235e80d993294098d51750c


1992-12-28 - CIA Reponses To Clinton Transition Team Questions on The Balkans 28-Dec-92

Document Number: 5235e80d993294098d51752d


1993-01-05 - CIA Directorate of Intelligence Memorandum: Albanian Armed Forces: Unprepared For Confrontation with Serbia 05-Jan-93

Document Number: 5235e80c993294098d5174aa